Select Stainless Sales, LLC, a division of the CSE Group, is responsible for North American marketing, providing 3A, BPE, DIN... standard and certified quality products for sanitary and pharmaceutical semiconductor tube/tubing/fittings/valve/OEM/ODM services. Founded in 1933, CSE Group has 30 years of experience in all hygiene/purity and hygiene products.

The group has more than 700 employees in local factories in Taiwan (Headquarters)/Thailand/Xiamen, China. Attached organizational chart:

Select Stainless Steel Sales -

Combine with CSE Group operations for additional benefits

**Direct service in manufacturing

**Better delivery.

** Full range of products available

** Manufacturer's technology and direct solutions to problems. .

**Technical Quote and OEM/ODM .. Special Project Quote.

** More competitive prices. Select Stainless Steel sells only high quality metals and alloys in stock. Whether the job requires standard metals or specialty alloys, you can rely on Select Stainless Sales for proven precision and quality.